Once Upon A Time

1 Jul

The start of the affair was the most exciting part of it all. The highs outweighed the mundane prioities of life. The secret calls, shared laughter prior to the first meeting enabled me to experience the desire of true freedom. I think he felt the same, actually I know. Both married and him 15 olders we seemed to connect, with little agreement but that the sex was great.

We began talking in the midst of winter. Both had signed up to illicit encounters. A website for married individuals to meet like minded souls, possibly lost in the eye of the storm…marriage. I never signed up to meet anyone, I was curious at first. Many on the site no doubt relishes on the sweets that are n, no doubt Mr M (married man) also. Thats what broke the affair in the affair in the end. The fact he was still using the site. The irony, me not being faithful and yet demanding it from my lover. We had 5 months of meeting, 6 if you are to include the month of chatting via email and telephone. At this current moment I don’t know if I will see him again. The highs, shared calls, emails are few..the mundane parts of life is now a priority. I above all people know it had to come at end at some stage, I was hoping for longer though. Maybe longer would only be more disappointing. This blog will be detailing the affair, the sex, the highs and lows…once upon a time….


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