The first encounter….January

1 Jul

This was to follow the blog “one snowy night”…it seems to be mixed up, sorry!

We had met once before but this meeting was planned by booking separate hotel rooms within the same hotel. I arrived straight after my conference. Parked my hotel and took a few seconds in the car to gather my thoughts. I was so busy over the week, I just wanted time to think…was I doing the right thing? Ah, how could it be. Something made me get out of the car. Gathering my bags I walked into the hotel lobby. I smiled, if only these guests knew what I was up to. I felt excitement in my stomach, heart racing a little wondering if he was already here. We had planned to meet at 8pm in the hotel bar, giving me 2 hours to get ready but I had phone calls to make. Upon checking in on my room I quickly showered. For those who may have had an affair and busy with home and working life, you will probably know planning and planning is the only way forward. I didn’t realise until now how much I can pack in a day, between rushing to hair salons and getting waxed/nails done prior to the secret meetings and trying to live a normal life at the same time. 

I quickly showered, my nails, toes nails, waxing and hair had already been done. I only had to be sure to have my make-up and body at its best prior to 8pm. I juggled calls while moisturising. I opted for a simple low cut navy dress with a split up the front. I looked very different from our first encounter when it was a knitted dress. 

The lift brought me up to the hotel bar…upon entrance I saw him straight away a the bar, there was a few people around. All I had was eyes for him. If I close my eyes I can see it in slow motion…him smiling back and each step towards him seemed to take ages. Looking back I wonder if Mr M was surprised by the way I looked, he commented a few weeks afterwards that he would never forget me walking out of the lift. I wonder now if he recalls saying that, does that memory come alive for him? ……

We had dinner, I was tipsy on the wine. And afterwards in the cold I had a cigarette. He didn’t smoke. We had a drink at the downstairs bar, he touched me for the first time that night, the split of my dress revealing my legs and he rubbed them and then we kissed, passionately. Only one other person was in the bar, I wonder if he knew or maybe wondered if were working partners embarking on an illicit encounter. We soon found ourselves next to the lift, letting others go first and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to be alone with me. I smiled, yes I did also. We went to my room. I undressed and said there was to be no sex, oh that was the wine…undressing and saying no sex?!! Deep down, I knew he was a stranger but we had talked for hours over the last 6 weeks. We kissed, touched and before I knew it we had sex in every position possible. It lasted for hours, my imagination is not playing tricks…yes we snoozed on and off but it was one of the wildest nights I could recall. 

He left the room early, he had work and I had to travel back…it was a Friday. He called when he got to work to make sure I was off. I smiled to see Mr M name appear on my phone and he thanked me for a wonderful night. I smiled too.

Later he said he felt comfortable during that night, I did too. The guilt was buried deep in my stomach…I had sex with someone else, not my husband and all I did was smile at the first encounter. Surely there was more to come…and better and wonderful.

When Mr M and I first started to chat on Illicit encounters we said it was like an interview for a job, we then made a contract after our first encounter. It entailed the following:


No texting, contact via email/phone calls

No ringing our home phones

If one of us was to be caught, protect the others identity

Use condoms – silly silly us, we didn’t. I have since been tested, all clear. How stupid was I.

I can’t remember the other details of the contract, those stood out most for me. 

On the Friday evening I had my first panic, the paranoia was increasing. I had been emailing Mr M from my i phone / laptop from a hotmail account. Unlike him I didn’t trust him with my email account. I was concerned my husband would come across the hotmail account if I didn’t regularly delete my history. So I forwarded him my work email address…the paranoia and anxiety of what I was doing was temporarily eased.

Going out with friends and my husband that weekend I smiled knowing my secret. To them I am innocent although my husband tends to get jealous, mostly to do with my flirting but I would never do anything. I am merely friendly, which he terms jealousy. I led the double life that weekend, like I have done since. Contacting Mr M at any chance I could and smiling when I saw his email appear on my phone. The thrill was now in place and the dynamics of our dance planning our next meeting for February. The third meeting, would it be so lucky like the previous? Yes


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