From yesterdays to today…..

2 Jul

We kept in touch via email regularly, sometimes up to 10 a day or more, chatting first thing in the morning when both driving to work and sometimes on the return. Strangely I miss the calls and emails…..I am wondering if he misses them also…misses me

I was at a conference today, drove past Mr M place of work and onto to a city in which I was supposed to meeting Mr M. We had spoken about it weeks ago and an earlier 2 weeks ago he asked if the meeting was still okay. I had said no as our contact has waned. So there I was driving, the same route in which the first encounter had took place, past his work and yet all I thought about was him.

 It rained all day, a bit like my mood. Still raining now, what a beautiful sound when the window is open…but its supposed to be summer in England. Part of me wished I was meeting him. I hadn’t replied to his email on Sunday night asking how my weekend was, then yesterday (Monday) he sent a funny message about me being a vampire…I replied with “I wish I hated you”…to which he said Why and I haven’t heard from him.

 Our third encounter was on Wednesday 30th January at a Premier Inn hotel. If someone told me this last year, I would say what a seedy thing to do. We met in the bar next door and had dinner, side by side. Every time I looked at him I felt myself get wetter and wetter. When we did kiss…I just wanted it there and then. I bite my lip when concentrating / turned on – with Mr M it was always the latter. I recall constantly flushing that even not due to embarrassment but simply the effect he had on my body.

 It was a wonderful night, I was tipsy on more wine. It was as good as the first night that we had sex, possibly better.

 That morning he wrote:

 “Good Morning

 I hope you are not too tired and your throat is better and hope you made it home safe and to ……for your early start.

Last night was amazing.

I never tire of your conversation, your company or the sexual chemistry that exists between us.

Please don’t disappear just yet ;_

Can’t wait to see you again and hope to speak very soon let me know when you are free

The week after next I have a quiet  week so am free the evenings of the 11/12 or 13th Feb, so hope of them is convenient for you?


We haven’t spoken properly in three weeks, the last time a week today he ranted and the last time we saw each other a month past yesterday……the heightened flows of passion seemed to have passed and here we are months later with the coldness of England hitting us…13oc in July?!


We did meet on the 13th Feb, I tried booking another premier inn but it was booked up. I remember rushing to a meeting on the 12th and frantically booking a hotel. It turned out to a beautiful Georgian style house. We met on the 13th, the day before Valentines. My husband was working night shift again meaning I could stay with Mr M until the next morning, I would have to leave early. Mr M arrived late, again snow had impacted on our meeting. We had sex several times that evening. We were getting to know each other’s bodies as I was starting to recognise parts of him. I remember Mr M saying we had hugged after sex that night, I can’t recall that but I think he held me in his arms. Which is so unlike me, I’m known for my ice queen tendencies and non-warmth. Even now I am yearning to email him, tell him I want him so much and thinking back on our nights have made me so wet…but I just can’t…I have no place to tell him, my desire is only a physical one, it is his wife that he should be and my place put all this energy into my own marriage. I just can’t help the longing.


This was our fourth meeting on the 13th Feb and I left incredibly sore, I don’t think I need to explain why? I also wore my boots but forgot my shoes which he kindly held on for me….



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