Dreams….Fantasy and Longing

4 Jul

27th Feb…..my memories take me back…..

Married Mr M fantasy, both of which we shared. I wonder what his wife, my husband would think of our double life. Although he is 15 years older than I, I have never met a man like him.

I stripped naked in front of him

He then blindfolded me and whilst I was naked, be bounded my wrist to my ankles

In total silence I could not tell where Mr M was in relation to me which was adding to the excitement.

Again, there was no rules, no boundaries, I was presented to him totally

He kissed me hard and bit gently on my lips and worked his way down tracing his tongue down my body…

I was blindfolded and bound, nothing I could do to stop him

He bit on my nipples and kissed them as he worked his way down further

He started to lick, nibble and kiss my clitoris whilst slowly working his finger just in and out of me ….

starting to probe deeper and deeper

He could feel by my convulsions I was getting nearer and nearer to orgasm.

Married Mr M also started to gently tighten his grip on my throat with the other hand

I was submissive…..

I could not stop him

I shuddered to an amazing orgasm

With my body only just stopping convulsing after my orgasm…..

his touch almost unbearable

He started to lick on my clitoris again

doing exactly the same thing again

only this time my orgasm was even more intense…………

This is the memories that affairs leave you with. 



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