Spanked and bruised

4 Jul

My memories take me back to the night of 21st February.

Again, we had dinner. I am not clear of the manner of how things proceeded from there but we ended up in the hotel room again. Like a script, we acted very well to.

I remember lying on my side naked, Mr M on his side also with his left hand rubbing my clit and right underneath my head. 

I have never had anyone take their time to make me orgasm. I wonder now if this was after we had sex. Mr M knew by my body that I was near orgasam. He teased slight with his words 

Your close, allow yourself to feel it

When he said that I asked him to put his right hand over my mouth. I wanted him to have control over me. My responded, this was what I knew well, under the spell of a man. Someone who could control me. Make me forget the priorities and rules in life and enable me to enjoy every moment without having to do anything.

Mr M done brought me to full orgasm until I was begging for him inside me.

He held off as long as he could before allowing me to sit on him.

Mr M – Tell me what you Lucy*


Me – Spanked

He spanked me with what I now is “big hands” and with those big hands he pulled and yanked my hair.

The world was forgotten about and I entered this blissful state that I hear many speak of when they are high on drugs.

That night we had no

  • boundaries
  • safe word
  • thoughts of our respective partners, husband and wife (for me anyway)
  • desire to stop, only wanting more
  • guilt
  • paranoia
  • sense of time or knowing when to stop

I left early. Upon returning home I had to shower before my husband returned from work. In that cold February morning I felt sore with the latest night of exercise but looking in the mirror…..I was bruised. Badly bruised……

my stomach felt queasy, the room closing in and there I was thinking I knew it all, had it all planned out and with no clear boundaries I would now have to remain clothed around my husband.

My husband and I have a very liberal lifestyle. He adores my body, as I his. My affair has nothing to do with our sex life, emotional needs not being met or communication. The suffocation, his jealousy is what strides me to have this secret but in fact….if I take responsibility for my actions I would realise this is all I know…

I’m scared of loving another, scared of the rejection…..I know I’m missing out but affairs is all I know. My defence.

During the next week the bruises healed, my guilt eased and once again the roller-coaster affair continued. 



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