A beautiful night to remember…..

5 Jul

On all fours I am waiting for your order, breathing becoming shallower for the desire I know to come.

You have me waiting, wet…taking as long as you can to look at my body.

You have yet to touch me but I know you are near, your getting harder..the breathe on my neck signals to move to lye on my back and spread my legs.

Your smiling and looking into my eyes, you are satisfied with the wonder in front of you.

My mind is in this hotel room, my external worried, my fancy job…my fancy house…my beloved husband does not enter my thoughts. You remind it is the same for you.

For tonight it is just us, a pleasure for two…

You push two fingers in to feel the wetness and demand I now play with my clit. I complete this order with standards I have learnt from a man before you,

Biting my inner thigh I know your tongue is near and can’t help to push your head further….

You hold me down with two arms, forcing your weight on me ….and take me forcefully

I feel all of you inside me…you remind me, like many times before of my tightness…this seems to turn you on more

Tonight you want me from behind…who am I to argue?

Prior to taking me you twist my long hair around your right hand and pull gently at first, my head pulled backwards…

Your kneeling over me and your left hand spanks me until I beg for you to take me again

From behind you enter me, again I feel it…I orgasm with the force and beg to be taken harder….

When you are near to orgasm you spank me more…my thoughts are this blissful mindful state…of euphoria…like a drug flowing my body…the sensation of pain takes over…my mind and body is now yours.

I kneel before you…taking your wholesome self in my mouth…my finger gliding to the spot behind your balls and we finish together in what I call a…..

beautiful night to remember.

Thank you Mr M. x


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