Reflection…..of my actions…

8 Jul

The purity of the white dress

in the reflection of the mirror

The day I marry thee and remain like this to death does us part

I wear the encrusted circle band with pride

Vowing to never love another

Yet here I am today

this present moment on, 

reflecting on the naivety of it all

Your innocent bride, I, did fall

The wife you adore, cherish above all others

Has dwindled our love to the ground

I have not loved another before

with the exceptions of the fatal nights

I did not care for you then my husband

but I came to you all the same

The sweat upon my brow

the tingles between my thighs

I’m sorry I have forsaken you

but this is the life I know

The secret of my calling

is to bring pleasure to another man

He too is married, with a wife he tells me

Our nights are spent upon a world

that we keep from both of you

When we make love it is purely for the sex

and home I come to you for the sweetest love

The guilt and shame do wreck me but I know

of no other road

To keep our marriage scared I do keep this secret safe

For when you touch and love me, it is you I do belong

The others can wait while you need me

And for now, here I am, my husband

Your innocent wife

When the timekeeper says it up, it is with you I do lay

These other men do not touch you they are my 

drug for yesterdays

The chiming clock reminds me….

Our anniversary is near


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