The innocent wife…my week-end part one

8 Jul

In true style, I played the role of the innocent wife with style this weekend.

On Saturday I embraced my husband with a love making session, his favourite up call. He came, as for I, a wilted flower waiting for the sun, i longed for an orgasam. Only making me miss Mr M more. Yet, I continued to play the role of loving wife, the itch on my skin getting worse…I felt the frustration burn.

We sunbathed in our beautiful garden with friends. Closing my eyes, feeling the heat of the sun I thought of Mr M, his fingers….

A friend captured the scene, my husband, dogs, friends and I. A beautiful picture, fairy like..a snapshot held in time. Yet if anyone could have read ….the jury would have been out. The innocent wife, the whore who was still longing for the moonlight hour…to be fucked with incredible force, to have her hair pulled like the the reins of a horse. Spanked until the breathlessness in him could do no more…..

My innocent weekend







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