The innocent wife….my weekend part two

8 Jul


And so, I take to the stage again.

This time its Sunday morning.

I sucked my husband to his full length until he could take more, the whiteness slowly dripping from my lips.

In this role as the innocent wife, I wonder if the theatre would cheer, ask for more?

In my next role, will I be reunited with Mr M (again) and the sexually charged affair will be revisited.

For now, instead I shower. The cool water dripping over my heated skin, the trickles reaching my nipples and on attention they stand.

Like fingers to a guitar I gleefully play with my clit. Making sweet silent music of my own until the trembles enters my body and a slow murmur the song is signalled to end. For now my body was satisfied.

It was not to be enough, craving for a high….by mid afternoon yet again my body and mind wonders to another fantasy….

I’m tied up naked with a red ribbon, a body that is presented to be whipped with a cane and Mr M ordering for me to put buttocks further in the air…I flush with the wetness and craving hear me handsome and tall husband “our strawberries are nearly ready Lucy”.

Upon inspection, one in particular is near ready to eat. I wish to pick it, feel the juices of the strawberry run through me deep. I avoid the temptation, the same desired temptation to contact Mr M, tell him I made such a huge mistake about ending this affair…explain in fine detail on how I want his throbbing cock inside me….I stop the thoughts….

The feel of my husband caress the smallness of my back…the dress rides up and he goes on his knees, spreading my legs apart I play the role I know so well. The perfect innocent whore of a wife…where is my trophy for this innocence.

I’ve avoided the sweet temptation of contacting Mr M this weekend

and in the final call of being the perfect wife…

I clear my thoughts and only orgasam for my husbands tongue.



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