The lost sensation continues

11 Jul

….I guess the song captures it all.

I didn’t love Mr M but I why can’t I let go….

I was so tempted to email this morning.

I even typed it out…

Hello Mr M**

Somewhere in this crazy world right now, where ever you should be awakening to there’s someone thinking of you.

The saying “once you make your bed you must sleep in it comes to mind”. Yes I know I ended it but I’m having regrets. I know its far too late.

So on this beautiful morning, an email reminding you…that somewhere, someone is indeed thinking of you. Your making her smile.

Lucy x

I didn’t send it.

Too scared to be rejected.

My flaw, always wanting to be in control, even within an affair. It is best for me to have walked first..

Instead I sent an email to my husband.

Dear Mr Husband,

I am tired, last night was good. We danced and I got a little tipsy but thought of you. I wish I was awakening in your arms, seeing those gorgeous eyes of your eyes and feeling the warmth of your hug around me. I’m longing and loving you like always. I can’t wait to see you.

xx Lucy xx

It is now lunch time, I’m in the hotel room avoiding Mr Z with a speech about tiredness…as for last night, I flirted =- we didn’t have sex – my body and mind has yet to let go of Mr M. Damn, I’m angry with myself for still wanting him. e haven’t emailed each other for a week tomorrow….I thought it would have got easier than this.


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