How he kept me close by without seeing me…

28 Jul

I couldn’t agree more…reminds me of my experience with Mr M. x

Womanizer & Me

Casanova actually drove 30 minutes just to pick me up and drive me to San Jose that Sunday morning. This really was nice of him, and I was falling for his kindness.

But now that I think back, I think that it was after this day that he started to look for the next victim. Though he texted/called me through out the week, he told me that he had family engagements that weekend. At that time, I didn’t doubt him, but I know now that whenever he says family/friend engagements, it’s a lie.


Womanizers are ridiculously busy. They are FAKE busy. They will make stupid excuses… which I found out a couple of months later…

It was the first weekend that I didn’t see Casanova. I had a lot to do that weekend, but I kept wondering what he was doing. Even though he wasn’t there…

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