Simon, the newbie

28 Jul


It is amazing how life can bring us sweet delights while the body aches in unforgiving circumstances, not only the soul but the body itself.

After talking to Simon (a married man) over two weeks now we planned to spend the afternoon together last Sunday. My husband was away for the week-end and I was “free” to meet him. Last Sunday morning I was yearning it to be Mr M that I was meeting. I thought of him constantly as I slid the fitted dress over my body, wearing blue underwear that Mr M would have loved. I tried to push him out of my mind but every second he would reappear fulfilling my body with the enormous thirst of him.

I was inputting the destination that Simon and I agreed into my Sat Nav when the low ping of an e-mail came through. And there it was Mr M, thinking of me. I wondered for one insane moment if he we had this amazing connection, that he knew I was yearning for him….was this a sign I shouldn’t be at going on the date…should I step back into my house sling this bloody dress off and return to my robe. I felt angry towards Mr M, reminding myself of the times he hadn’t contacted me, had me waiting and I guess in “revenge” I needed to meet Simon to at least get control over my life and move on from Mr M.

I met Simon in the car park. He had brought me chocolates “something you can eat, hide the evidence”. Reminding me that indeed we are both married.

Simon wanted to hold my hand within 3 minutes, I declined thinking this was unusual “I’m a tactile person Lucy”. My boundaries were set, this was an interview on my part of least to see if the chemistry of our e-mails could continue.

The afternoon was glorious, what started off with a coffee moved onto a walk, then to a glass of wine where we debated on a topic of “females” then to lunch.

Yes he was tactile, constantly touching me at any opportunity in a more “belonging” way than a sexual way. ..kissing my hair when he returned from the toilets or how is arm reached round my waist. However he did remind me how he would love a picture of me knelt before him and his cock in my mouth. I didn’t answer, stunned at his suggestion and getting aroused at the vivid image.

We parted with a simple kiss on the lips and I received a text message confirming he enjoyed the afternoon and would like to see me again. I too wanted to see him.

Sunday evening I e-mailed Mr M and he replied saying he too would like to see me again but it would be September as this co-insided with my recovery. I felt by the e-mail our special friendship was over. It is as I searched illicit encounters this morning and guess what he is “online”. For a second I felt anxiety but I guess we are both moving on but how I wish, the most smallest part of me that it was me he was thinking and speaking to.

On Tuesday afternoon Simon and I spoke for 4 hours. He was driving back from a meeting and I was curled in the bed, tripping on painkillers. I don’t know how our conversation turned to dominance/submissiveness but it did. He had never tried it before and there I was telling him it was something I desired. That evening we exchanged a “sexual questionnaire” that we both created asking each other what we liked. He had never spanked anyone before and in a later conversation he thought it difficult to do so as what he was taught growing up. This didn’t surprise me in the slightest however he remained open to the idea.

Simon was in the area on Thursday and we met again, this time at shopping complex. I was in a lot of pain the night before, I hadn’t slept in three nights and on reflection I wasn’t looking my best but was prompted to meet him as he is now on holidays.

Simon greeted me with a gift, when I later opened it there was more chocolate. He requested a kiss, a part of seems shut off from these tactile moments. It was something Mr M and I never experienced. Simon requested I held his hand, he felt cold which was so unusual considering the warm weather. I imagined his fingers inside me or one finger in my anus while his cock was fucking me. It seems I am more drawn to the sexual side of the relationship than the kissing and holding hands….but is that part of the relationship.

We had lunch, talking about a wide range of topics and to the end of the meal he said “your not very giving with your touching”. I reminded Simon we were very close to my house and I was concerned, he agreed.

Sitting on leather sofa enjoying coffee he reminded me “if this sofa was somewhere private I would have you on your knees by now and fucking you from behind. I’m getting a hard on with just the thought”.

We parted late afternoon on Thursday for me to return to my husband, for him to his wife. Before we did so we spent time in his car in a crowded car park. He kissed me fully for the first time…gosh I wish he could have taken me there and then when he bent his head and pulled at my jeans with his teeth. I felt his cock through his trousers later finding out he was 8 inches with a circumference of 6! The photos he sent me were to proof as I had difficulty believing him…..and wow…..

However I am concerned. Simon has already highlighted his preference for “deep throat” and anal sex…he will need to train me for both as I have never been with someone so big. This will be a first for me, like the first time he will be a dominant. I guess we will be teaching each other but I have ne

Simons dominant side had been awaken from the Sunday of our first encounter but for now he proposed we continue our “courtship” building up the anticipation of the first time we would have sex and for him to eventually own me……


2 Responses to “Simon, the newbie”

  1. cody August 20, 2013 at 1:33 am #

    i liked this story–good prose, wishing you luck with as you say “courtship”,
    hope you don’t mind me saying so..

    • mistress4u August 21, 2013 at 7:49 am #

      Cody, Thank you for your lovely comment. I never thought of it as a “courtship” although Simon has mentioned this term several times. A form courtship scares me. Of course I don’t mind.

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