Freedom in his hands……

30 Jul

Freedom in his hands......

the true desire of being you.

all you have ever wished.

you wake up with the ankle cuff lose, the whip marks to be hid and the freshness of wanting it all.

the scattered clothes on the floors, underwear…he stripped you naked, legs shoulder length apart. He felt your breath, watched you lick your lips and kissed you, feeling his tongue deep within your mouth.

He stood back to admire his gift, you, the present before him. His cock firmly in his hand you watched, wanting to be touched but it was not your time.

Your freedom comes to you, bound to the bed with cuffs, wrists within satin rope structures, they feel as soft as your touch.

on all fours your bare for him to watch closer, you have no sight…the freedom starts.

with spanks on the buttocks, your aroused, you do not speak words are not enough. You feel the burn, the sharpness but it is only pleasure to you. Your clit is touched, “your wet he smiles”….

then whish, the crop lightens on your buttocks and you wince with the pain…you care not to count for you are lost in the moment, like tidal waves you waited for this.

you are not allowed to orgasm, he knows you are close, your waiting for his command…his need, his wish, his desire….your freedom is now his.

He takes you from behind, entering slowly – pulling out quickly, you push onto him wanting it all but he teases and pulls out instead, then in to the edge, out, in half way, out and wham you feel all of him inside you, grinding fast, taking all of you…..this is the freedom you need.

you lean back onto him, his left hand rubbing your clit, right hand on your nipple…..

your giving the command to orgasm, both grasping the freedom and at the same time…

your body vibrates against his, he loosens your bounds, your restraints and you seem the glimmer of light with now your sight….a candle and as the wax hits your warm skin it turns to oil…..a massage especially for you.

“Good girl”….he whispers……

this morning, you awake ..

you wake up with the ankle cuff lose, the whip marks to be hid and the freshness of wanting it all.

your Master is watching.


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