2 Aug

Stockings are an aspect of her, a drawer dedciated to them.

Nothing beats the tiny thrill of preparing her clothes and opening a gleaming sachet to reveal the stockings she has chosen.

Silky in touch, sometimes clear, sometimes pattern, sometimes plain black…..

She takes care in gliding them over her slender legs, they are merely hold ups – snuggling around the top of her thigh. She feels the clear sticky band take hold of her upper skin leg and there my heart beat quickens. She feels wet by the touch.

The routine is not complete, her bra is next. Usually black or grey with some unique design.. matching her somber but yet playful mood. She does not care for colour only recently adding blue when it was to be someones favourite colour.

Her breasts are in place and she touches the nipples craving for them to be sucked.

Her brazilian thongs always matching the bra snuggles between her ass….fingers, cocks, tongues, fingers, magic bullets and vibrators have all been before. The lace of the thongs highlight her hairlessness, the way she prefers.

To the heels, black patent with a underheel of red. Her naughty side revealed.

She glimpes her reflection in the mirror, she smiles….it does not reveal all.

Her remaining body gets smothered in cream and perfume.

The dress, black and elegant to the knees….snuggling her body to perfection.

Her breasts and ass are highlighted, her slender legs are covered….

She is ready for her master.

Whip me, bite me, eat me, tease me are engraved on the back of the stockings….. (agent provocateurs finest!)


One Response to “Stockings”

  1. cody September 20, 2013 at 11:14 pm #

    would love to see this picture !!! hmmmm.

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