Stolen afternoon

22 Aug

You were late from having to drive from afar. I waited in the country pub and heard about the world of a bar man. The bar man thought I was stood up but there you came, heads turning in your presence mine wanted to bow down, look at the floor whilst on my knees.

During lunch we spoke of life, our partners and you asked me what it would be like if we met before we got married. You are 18 years older, would it ever have been possible four us? I kept my thoughts secret from you.

You drove us to visit a garden, we were the only visitors. Yes, you do take me to the most wonderful places.

There was a swing reminding us both of our childhood or possibly kinkier things (we didn’t speak of the latter but did you think it?). I went on it, swinging higher and higher, your eyes watching my every move, my hair flowing in the breeze and I left all my outside world behind “Lucy you look carefree with freedom, so beautiful”. Yes you do, is it the swing or you that makes me this way?

You dusted the back of my skirt afterwards, it must have been years prior to the swing being used. And there in the middle of the wilderness of the open garden you spanked me. It must have lasted 5 minutes, shoes dropping from my hands awoke me from the spell bound you capture me in.

It was your first time to spank a female, you enjoyed it. I asked, how do you know you enjoyed it? I smiled while doing it and loved the affect it had on you.

A gardener was coming our way and we eventually sat beside a pond. You were hard while I sat on top of you, facing away. Your right hand etching my pencil skirt apart feeling my skin underneath and the other hand rubbing my hand “cum for me Lucy” I really wanted to, this felt so right regardless of where we were. I was wet and exploding on your magical fingers. I wonder if the gardener watched.

“I want to be inside Lucy, imagine my long thick dick gliding into you, pushing deeper and deeper, my heavy balls would be hitting your ass”.

Yes, I think of it often, even now. Picturing the scene makes me want you more, I guess you know by planting a seed like I’m somewhere in the world belonging to you.

Coffee and cake finished the visit to the garden. I had wet marks on my skirt from your touch, we laughed. You told the owner about “our” garden, it has pear trees, there is honeysuckle and nettles. She advised you to make nettle tea and that nettles are good for wildlife. Your not a keen gardener, different from me I love gardening but we don’t live together, never will visit each others houses. But you tell me “I will be with you until your dying day”. I don’t say anything to this, too afraid to look at our futures. Lets just enjoy the moment.

Standing in that car park our bodies parted, our minds haven’t. We saw each other driving and I blew you sweet kisses. Our minds are still together as we have texted since.

Thank you for the stolen Wednesday afternoon.


4 Responses to “Stolen afternoon”

  1. cotedemoi August 22, 2013 at 8:22 am #

    stolen moments are sometimes the best…

    thanks for visiting my site…have to read yours from hereon…knowing that I am not alone in this complicated situation makes it a little bit more bearable.

    • mistress4u August 23, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

      I too am enjoying your site. I hope it all works out for you. It is always good to know there is another one out there sharing the same unique experience regardless if it is to be different.

  2. 3hattergrindhouse August 24, 2013 at 11:34 am #

    Beautiful writing. A pleasure to read. Thanks for your comment on Strappado.

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