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Oh dear friend….

24 Aug

There you are before me,

another stolen moment in time.

I’ve rushed here to be with you leaving the other men behind.

You’ve waited patiently by the table….

just as you have promised.

My fingers trail delicately over the parts of you I like best, opening your top neck,

this heart beat of mine quickens .

You smell better than I remember and

cold as ice to touch.

On bended knees I look at you.

In my mouth you want me best.

And who am I to disagree,

I am here to obey.

Raising you towards me,

my lips part with every breath.

My tongue twirls round your taste,

this is better than the last.

You fill my mouth with passion and my

taste buds they do reply.

There you hit the back of my throat,

this makes me want to smile.

From the first taste to the last drop my

body begins to sway.

Finally you will be empty and I will be satisfied but yet

craving for another drop.

Oh dear friend…..my glass of white wine